Till We Meet Again Sweet Sadie Mae


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Mar 29, 2016
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With heavy hearts I report that on Wednesday afternoon we came home to find our beloved Sadie Mae unresponsive. We rushed her to the Vet but it was to late. There was no warning she had been playing and acting her normal self, we were only gone just a short time. At least she didn’t appear to suffer, it just looked as if she just passed suddenly. Our hearts are breaking, she was the most precious creature we’ve ever known. So well behaved, so smart and loving. She was a well-trained hunter in the field, a Lizard hunter extraordinaire on the deck and a gentle soul in the house that loved everyone. My confidant, my best friend and sidekick always up for whatever I wanted to do, even if it involved dressing her up in crazy outfits for time in front of the camera. She traveled everywhere with us, loved her car rides. Sadie Mae, born August 9, 2012, came to us as a rescue in March of 2017, in the little over 4 years she was with us she captured our hearts as only a Britt can do. RIP my sweet girl, you may be gone from this earth but will never be forgotten we will hold you in our hearts till the day we meet again on the other side. Sorry for all pictures but I just couldn't pick one


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Gee whiz only 9 years old. Dreadful loss. I've lost dogs in the past and I feel your pain.
@Space Face we knew there was a chance she might have heart damage when we adopted her. She had undergone treatment for heartworms, right before she came to us, but we thought there would at least be some advance signs of problems. Unfortunately not, she'd just had a full checkup and blood work July 1st.
This is so sad, condolences on the loss.
What a dog and what a buddy, through the years I enjoyed all the photos and the dressing up!
I wish you and your wife strength to deal with this setback in the days ahead.

Thank you @gk fotografie we're still somewhat in shock over the sudden passing. It's really hit us hard.
So sorry. 😢
So sorry for your loss.
My condolences on the loss of your dog. It's really tough. But what great photos of your time with her.
So sorry for your families loss. Just one look and you can tell she was a real sweetie, rest in peace beautiful girl.
I am shocked and sorry to hear of this. She was such a beautiful dog. It was destiny that brought you together. She had such a vibrant personality which glowed in your renders. I pray that your glorious relationship will sustain you in this difficult time. The renders you posted make me smile and are a wonderful tribute to your best friend.
So sorry for your loss.

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