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Aug 12, 2013
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Sorrento Fl
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Went to a friends birthday weekend at there little place in the woods, let me know what you think. Photo's have not been touched up.
This photo was taken with a Nikon d40 and the 18-55 kit lens. I tried to use the 50mm but was not able to get back far enough to get the effect I was after. This has not been modified from the original Picture. Was really trying to get the chairs and box nestled in the grape vines. We were at their farm house/former horse barn for the weekend.
I'll hold anything I would like to see in the image for now.

I would like to see a fully completed image as well I would prefer if you had a good look at it and see if you have anything that you would like to get help on.
This would accomplish two things.

1. Allows us to evaluate all aspects of your photo taking and processing flow.

2. Forces you to evaluate your own photo so that you can
A. See what others see in the image that you may not have noticed, and
B. Become better at evaluating all images (yours and others).

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