Gray toned Interpretation of a Sun Rise

Hey Frequency,
I think its a neat shot but really dark....I'm thinking that's sort of what you were going for though, right?

I hope you don't mind, but I did a little edit to try and bring out some more of the detail. kinda trying to lighten it up a little bit,
Thank you Aloicious... actually i am always happy if some body improve my image... and this is the image i wanted to show.... this (your edit) is the light it needed too :D
glad it helped, just a little color correction, increased the brightness and contrast a little, and I actually desatruated the water slightly, when I raised the color it came out looking kindof murky green which didn't look too appealing to me.

it's not a perfect edit by any means, but hope it helped....if you shoot in RAW, I usually prefer adjusting the RAW image rather than the Jpeg, but that's just me.

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