Winter in the Lakes

Helen B

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Sep 16, 2007
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Hell's Kitchen, New York
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Thereyougo's recent pictures of the Lake District in winter brought back fond memories.

Windermere from Fairfield

Grisedale from Swirral Edge

Watching the sun go down from the top of Scafell Pike before heading on down to the Wasdale Head Hotel for a pint - what better way to end the day?

Hope you like them,
I think is the first time I've seen your photos!

I like the composition in the second one, but the contrast in exposure between the fore and back ground becomes a little distracting. In any case, I'm glad you get to enjoy a true winter. Here, it just rains and rains with heavy over cast a few months at a time.
A really nice 3 picture set. Picture #2 is just suburb. !! Great lighting. Picture #1 looks like a great landscape, but it needs to be bigger to really appreciate it.

BTW, still suffering from a crappy snowless, boring gray winter here on LI. Just wind, wind, and more wind.
Great set! Which way did you walk up Fairfield? I usually walk up from Rydal via nab Scar. I have often walked from Ambleside to Helvellyn via Fairfield and Dollywagon Pike. Around 30 mile round trip but lots of great walls. I haven't walked up Striding edge yet though...
Thanks very much for the comments, always appreciated.

The picture of Windermere (and Coniston Water) from Fairfield was taken after walking up Fairfield from Patterdale, via Birks and St Sunday then down via Hartsop. The 'other Fairfield horseshoe'.

MC, these aren't really representative of my usual photography - they are pictures I take while doing something else. These are more typical of my landscape photography in that part of England:




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