great blue heron & nuthatch

I like the perspective of the 1st GBH shot, an the first Nuthatch is nice.

The 2nd Nuthatch shot would be an instant delete for me (after import). I'm not being mean; I'm just saying you will eventually wonder why you kept it (just guessing). My guess is based on how nicely you are progressing with your birdography.

Admission: 3+ years later and I still take shots not worthy and I still keep shots not worthy of much.
Nice. Especially the 1st Nuthatch! That doesn't look like a GBH to me. Is it a juvenile?
i have seen a pretty wide variety in GBH colors. this one is probably the most different looking one i have seen, i have not seen them when its almost winter before so maybe those are winter colors.

it may not be the greatest shot of a nuthatch. you are right about that. i kind of like it though. its one of the first bird shots i got after i got back into photography
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