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Great Grey Owl


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Aug 19, 2016
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About a month ago I saw this owl hunting the ditches of a road I travel for work. Several times. Thought it was a barred owl. After all, I was traveling at 55-60 mph. Last week, there were photographers lined up all over the road. Stopped and asked what they were looking for. A great grey owl. I thought they were full of BS until a friend called me when he saw it on Facebook. He knows owls and has traveled to get shots of these.

It's made quite the hubub around here. A long way from where it should be. They're closing the road for construction on Monday. May not get the chance again in my life time. So, I joined the masses to find it on Saturday. Glad I did. It flew down from the trees, landed on this post and watched us like we were the show. Maybe 30 feet from us. Would have liked some better conditions. Take what you can get. I'm tickled pink.


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Great head shot there.
Just an update. Unfortunately, this owl was clipped by a car yesterday. I was afraid that would happen. As I said it was hunting the ditches of a very busy road. It was a good thing so many people were trying to get photos of it. He was rescued quickly and brought to a raptor center. Nothing broken, just soft tissue damage (bruises).

The center confirmed what we were all thinking. He was never seen with another. It's a male, well fed and healthy. We had a harsh winter and probably flew south in search of food and got lost. When he recovers, they plan to relocate him.

He sure created quite the hubbub for about a week. Kinda felt like cheating but, happy I got some photos. Who knows.......Maybe I'll see him again.
Just love that first shot! The posture and that direct gaze are wonderful.

As awful as it is to read that he got clipped by a car, I'm so glad to know people cared enough to rescue him and get him to an appropriate center. Glad the experts can make these assessments and determine that relocation will help him. :)

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