Great shooting this morning!


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Sep 26, 2005
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Milton, Florida
This morning was really the first day I was able to get out and do some decent photo's. Been working everyday since I bought my 100-400L lens. Hope you enjoy looking...

1. This is a Great Crested Flycatcher..


2. I'm doing reserch on this plant, I believe it to be some kind of carnivourous plant, definately a water plant of some kind, but the colors and shapes are stunning. It grows alongside the Florida rare Pitcher Plant.​


3. Here is Florida's rare Pitcher Plant, this is one of it's only two spieces.​


4. this is a wet ditch full of these flowers.​

nice shots... those are some unusual looking flowers...
I really like #1. And those are some unusual looking plants for sure! Beautiful!
Great pictures.. I think the unknown one is a purple Pitcher plant.. ??
Holly, I thank you for the comment, I looked up the purple pitcher plant and that's the one I have here, the white one I also have a photo of. It's those reddish colored plants that has me stumped. The ones with the large petals. Pitcher plants don't have petals. BUT if you can find out any info please let me know :)
Holly said:
Great pictures.. I think the unknown one is a purple Pitcher plant.. ??
Holly I did some research and you are right, I copied and pasted the info for anyone who is intertested about this unique plant.

S. leucophylla Raf. (white-top pitcher plant) is one of the showiest species, with large leaves up to 9 dm (35 inches) tall that catch the light and seem to glow from within. The leaves are green with white splotches and purple to green venation. The showy flowers have brick-red to paler rose-red sepals and petals. In Florida, this species is restricted to the northwest region from Franklin County west to Escambia County where it is one of the most conspicuous Sarracenia species in the coastal savannas around Perdido Bay, Pensacola Bay and Choctawhatchee Bay. This species is prevalent in the open savannas of Garcon Point and Tarkiln Bayou. S. leucophylla is also sometimes found in small sphagnum bogs or in floating mats along acidic streams that flow through sandhill.
No way! Someones taking pics of Sarracenia. I grow those things in my bedroom! Nice shots, great subjects.


Edit: And yes, that is Sarracenia leucophylla. A nice form too.

*more pics, more pics!*
Raymond J Barlow said:
I really like the first shot.. could use a little more dof., and I would crop it different, very pretty bird!, and overall, great shot.

Hi Ray, thanks for the nice comment. I'm adding the full image. I'm interested in anyone's idea for a different crop. So anyone that wants to crop it go ahead and have a go at it.. :)
I'm up for suggestions!!

Thanks for the crop Ray, I tried that one before I decided on the crop I did. I liked it also the only thing about it I didn't care for was the centering of the bird. But your crop is nice, thank you! :)

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