Great White Heron


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May 30, 2013
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I know I cut the feet off, but when they take off in front of you there is not much time to center them in your view finder, hope you enjoy minus the

Great White Heron by DNK Photos, on Flickr
Nice! A very tough shot to get, and I think it might be worth going back and spending as long as it takes to get 'the' shot; that is one with the whole reflection and all of the bird. This is a nice shot, but it could be fantastic.
Very Nice. I am still trying to track still objects let alone flying ones.LOL The last time I tried to track a flying duck I paned and smashed my wife in the face with the lens.:lmao: The worst part was I did not get off the shot.:thumbdown:
Great shot, it is hard to track flying birds. The detail in the feathers is exceptional.
Nice shot! I believe it's a Great Egret. Always a mix of skill and luck in these shots. You will enjoy the challenge.

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