Green Fly Writing Paper


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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I can never decide where the right place for this kind of shot is, when I think bug I think macro but then the bug isn't much bigger than IRL so that makes it not really a macro so if I put it in macro it doesn't reeeeeeally fit so that's why it ended up here :)

I was crawling around in the flowerbeds the other day and found this guy through the leaves when I was shooting a bee, he stayed long enough for two shots and this was one of them.

When I saw the shot later it reminded me of pads of writing paper I had when I was young when we still actually wrote letters with pens and paper and stuff ;)

Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

Hmmm sat down with my coffee and iPod and checked this post, on the iPod the bottom left looks odd, I think a bit of TLC on that corner is needed.
I like it, but think it needs contrast... too washed out.

Seriously Charlie, can I just send my editing to you from now on!?

Lately when I'm editing and I go a little further than I do it looks pushed too far to me and I pull it back, you keep hitting the mark.
Ok fixed the corner and contrast... closer but yours hits the eye colour way better than mine does.

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Pretty nice placement of the various elements. I like it. It shows the fly in a natural setting, in a tiny little "scene". It has some OOF foreground stuff in the upper left quadrant, and I think that could be cropped out, a little off the left, a little off the top, to create a slightly different scene that some people might like more. To me, the real strength lies in the diagonal leaf entering the frame on the lower right--that's really a wonderful lead-in. I really like the monochromatic green background too, since it's harmonious and simple, yet has some nifty variations/repetitions of the leaf that leads the eye into the shot.
Thanks Derrel, I can get on board with the closer crop, I'm going to work with this one more and will include cropping :)
Thanks John :)
It's a really cool shot. The colours of the fly and foliage work well together. I do prefer the second version with more contrast. Nice work!

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