"Green" Leaves and Branches


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Nov 28, 2011
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I'm working on a series of black and whites with a calligraphy bamboo feeling, this is one of my favourite plants :)sexywink::sexywink:), it lends itself nicely to the concept so I spent some time with it today, this is my favourite shot.
Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

Very nice! I love the softness. I almost want to suggest cropping a little off the bottom.
It has a really good feel to it. I'd be thinking about selectively blurring out some of the sharper parts.
I think you managed the look of chinese watercolour as opposed to calligraphy. Which is soooo much better.
Thanks Serena, Ken and Leighthal :)

Serena, I was torn on the crop, I wanted as much of the bottom branch as possible and I had the idea of going taller than normal to make a "scroll" look, I think it instead is landing in between, I'll revisit.

Thanks Ken, I like that idea of removing the detail, I will carry that forward :)

Leighthal you are correct! I identified it wrong, I had the idea in my head for a long time, the outlines of the leaves like I had seen in calligraphy and went from there, it definitely turned out as a watercolour though!
Ok I'm doin' it, Monday morning coffee bump since it went up on the weekend. :)
Nice frame & composition. Subtle tones create a feeling of ease. I found it quite stiking, something that does'nt often happen with me and still life work!
Hi Linus and welcome to TPF!
Having a shot that is successful to someone who doesn't usually connect with the genre is the biggest compliment, thanks so much!

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