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Green View


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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View from Whitestonecliff near Kildare in (North?)-Yorkshire, England


When the sun finally came out, I fell totally in love with all the green down there! You might like this one, too? (I chose this one a bit randomly out of a series of Views From Whitestonecliff that I have).
And two further views from up there - which kind of show you how much I enjoyed the greens once the sun came out.



The last shows some of the flaws my zoom lens has developed with a piece of slightly loose glass inside - you might detect an area of blurriness in the top righthand corner?
Thank you. We had plenty of them that day and I already feared I might NEVER get any photos like these. As you can see, the sun had already got quite low, but thus also nicely "sculpted" that undulating countryside.
I like how the tree rows in the 2nd photo, forming the V, lead my eye up the hill, into the sunny area. Very nice composition.
La foto, youre fotos are always fantastic ; )
I love 2 & 3. In 3 the cattle really add to it!
The cloud "shadows" are also awesome!
These are really nice, I'd print three and throw em on the wall. You'll have to do another shoot when fall comes around.
Thanks, Joe, only won't I be THERE when fall comes around, I'm afraid. England is not just "round the corner" for me...
Well then maybe I'll see you there, I leave for London next week. If you see an average looking guy named Joe don't hesitate to say hi.

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