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Feb 19, 2009
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Houghton, MI
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Hi all,

I'm new here (obviously), so hello to all. I'm a graduate student (mathematics!) with a big interest in photography. I recently decided that it was time to get a bit more serious about my hobby, so I'm finding new places to learn more and improve my technique! In particular, I am hoping to find some good critiques of my work.

I also live in the very northernmost part of Michigan -- a very cold, distant, and isolated land. Also, an extremely beautiful one -- there are 5 or 6 ridiculously picturesque locations within walking distance of my house. This has been both great and bad for my photography -- great, because there's so much to see! Bad, because I haven't been forced to look for new subjects and hidden beauty yet.

Anyhow, there's your great northern wave. Please feel free to check out my blog or gallery -- and hopefully I'll be posting for some critiques soon!
Welcome aboard.
Hello, and welcome to TPF! I look forward to seeing pics of some of the places you mention... they sound wonderful!

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