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Mar 17, 2023
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San Tan Valley, Arizona
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Hey everyone, pleasure to virtually meet you all! As the title says, I'm from the state of Arizona. I've been here for nearly 30 years and have been casually doing photography for at least that long. I am not a professional photographer, however it is a passion of mine. I find myself doing a lot of street photography, street portraits, some macro and since I'm currently recovering from having my foot rebuilt (3 steel plates and 18 screws) I've been trying to work on still life and light painting. I've never made a penny shooting anything, but I do have a great breadth of knowledge to share and hope to learn a lot from others.
Hi welcome for here the south coast UK. All the best with the foot.
Welcome to the forum!
Arizona Highways was my favorite magazine when I was a kid. The photos took me away. It took me about 65 years to actually visit the state. Welcome.
Welcome from the neighboring state of TX. You'll find many of us with similar stories. Enjoy the forum.
Welcome aboard. We have a niece in Phoenix.
Welcome! You're posting some interesting work already. :) We're happy you're here - keep posting and enjoy the forum!

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