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Jun 27, 2011
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Just thought I'd introduce myself; I'm Jay from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I've always been quite interested in photography having done several film photography courses when I was in school almost a decade ago. My main focus over the past few years has been astrophotography and I have gotten quite good at that. My main imaging scope is an 80mm refractor (600mm focal length f/7.5) and I use a Canon 50D as my camera.

I'm looking to broaden my photography horizons and I am planning on going back to school for digital imaging. I want to focus mostly on landscape/nature/architecture photography. I was instantly hooked after spending a few weeks traveling around Iceland and seeing the quality of shots I was able to pull off there. I'm planning to head back to Iceland (and Amsterdam) again in October with better equipment and more knowledge so I can pull off some really spectacular shots. I'm hoping to purchase a Canon 5D Mk II within another month or so.

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