Grey grey days...what can you do?


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Dec 26, 2007
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The last week it has been typically English.




There's not even and definition in the clouds just a sea of grey. Terrible lighting for anything it makes and scenery look dull.

Any ideas on what to do? (apart from learning how to control the weather)
Take pictures of sad things or things that make you feel alone, thats the perfect weather for it, then turn it into b+w. Wonderful :).
Buy a macro speedlight system and photograph small things?
Overcast skies can actually be great for photography.

Firstly, the clouds act like a giant you have little or no shadows.

Secondly, without the harsh sunlight, the range between bright areas and shadow areas is not at great...which allows you to capture scenes in a way that wouldn't be possible in bright sunlight.
Well...overcast might be alright in terms of quality of light and the diffusion of light...
You can pretty much shoot in program mode under these conditions. However, lower contrast, and muted colours are the norm for overcast days.

Post processing can help a lot. Fill flash could be interesting in some situations...

But when you lack inspiration, sometimes you can't do anything about it. I absolutely hate crappy days...and Windsor winters are just that...
I have done a lot of cloudy days photography, it is what it is,,its the time. I try to shoot only what fits on a cloudy day without any touch ups. Yes I have to play some with settings but I have or see no problems on days such as these.
I absolutely hate crappy days...and Windsor winters are just that...

I feel your pain man....evn though u guys have it worse. not encouraging for photography at all.

for days like these though, I concentrate on night time pictures

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