Greyhound Racing , c&c pls


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Nov 5, 2008
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Warwickshire UK
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Ok, I got my new lens and went to the dogs under floodlights. Too dark whatever I did,lens simply not fast enough. So I went back during the day...which was better coz it was free to get in. Id like some c n c on these. They are straight out the camera as my PS is not working at present. All I have done is cropped them a bit. I think they could be a little sharper throughout but I was being goverened by a 1/1000th so I left the aperture wide open most the time. One of the owners asked me to send him the pics of his dog and gave me 2 bottles of wine, so I was quite pleased!
Bear in mind i only have 2.5 fps on the D40



These all look great, #1 scares the crap out of me though! Man do those dogs look mean/angry.

Some nice side/panning shots would be great, plus get the hare in the shot too. Of course that would all depend on where you are allowed to be and what lens you are using.
yes i was limited with location, i got told off once lol. unfortunately the hare is a bit boring , like an orange blob! I was asked if i was an animal rights activist....lucky they didnt smash my lens!

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