Grizzly Bears


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Dec 19, 2009
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Hello all,

these were taken a few days ago, mostly in dark, high iso conditions.
Highwood Pass Kananaskis, Alberta

Grizzly Cub

Grizzly cub

Mama bear & cub, sadly I missed the focus on the cub

Mama bear

Another Grizzly that wondered down to the mama and cub - The mother chased him off

one more of the mama bear - just after she came back from chasing the above Bear

Another grizzly on the other side of the road - shy one, happy to be eating all the berries in site


I kept a safe distance while taking these, I made sure I wasn't stressing the Mother, All the bears here currently have one thing on there mind - get fat off the berries for winter :)

Thanks for looking

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"a safe distance" = how far away?

Nice photos and congrats for having the nads to take them! They look like you have the bears trained to pose for you.
Hello and welcome to the forum.

Those are some nice photos of the bears. The clarity and color are really nice.

I also am curious how far you were when shooting. What lens?
Thanks everyone!

I was about 150-200ft back for the most part, when closer I was inside a vehicle.
there was another photographer shooting the Mother and cub, and he must have been no more then 50ft from her, I thought for sure she was going to charge him at one point. but I figured as long as he was in her sights I was pretty safe being where I was :)

I was shooting with a sigma 150-500mm @f8 mostly

the general rule of thumb up here at this time of the year is - if the bear is willing to leave its food source to investigate you, it must be very interested and you might be in trouble.

I'm more concerned with Bull moose then grizzlies right now - Mating season for the moose.

I was about 150-200ft back for the most part

Not even enough time to crap your pants if she charges at you:confused: I've toyed with moose in Maine a few times within 30 feet but not during mating season or when they have their young ones still with them. Other than black bears (cute like little kittens) my a@@ stays away from the big ones and the mothers.

Once again congrats and congrats on keeping the other photo op (photag) in front of you:lol:
Was there a stream there?The mom and cub looks wet,but the male is dry.
I wanna say they have a blue or cyan cast- I'm in my office now with its green lights, so it's hard to tell. Just curious if you adjusted the white balance in post.

You know what I say... If we're being chased by a bear, you don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun me!
Sweet pics.

I was in Kananaskis for a week in August and only caught a quick glimpse of a Grizzly. My wife missed it and was pissed when I didn't turn around as she really wants to see her first wild grizzly. There were a few in the area, as evidenced by the park rangers tracking them, but we didn't see them. We did find a good sized black bear, which was cool, but not as exciting.
jbmaster - Its morning dew from the bushes, by the time the other bear came around things were drying up
PenguinPhotoWrx - no adjustments to wb, I don't see any blue or cyan on two different systems, if anyone else notices this let me know please
Love number 2 be careful not to become dinner though.
Art Photographers this year has been crazy for bears, in the last month virtually All of the common camping spots have been under a bear warning.
I shoot within only a couple feet from Wild Black Bears... but no Grizzlies here :/ Otherwise I'd be right up there too! Although Black Bears are much nicer than Grizz! [Black Bears graze like cows, and scavenge for dead meat, hardly ever kill anything but fish during Salmon runs! but for some reason people think they'll attack you right off the bat?]

Awesome pics!!

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