Guess The Lie Game (At Your Own Risk)


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Jun 14, 2013
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The initial participants of this thread should have some knowledge of mathematics, strong problem solving skills and no personality disorders such as paranoid schizophrenia, ADD or mood swings. If you have a degree in psychiatry, you don't have to participate in the game, but please follow the thread. You'll be needed.

Prior to participating please review the below check list to make sure you're prepared and can safely play the game. Safety is our first concern.

1. An energy drink that provides you adequate sustainment
2. Bottled water to avoid dehydration over a long period
3. High carb food or energy bars
4. A calculator
5. Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet software
6. Emergency contact numbers
7. Tissues
8. A first aid kit and some towels
9. A soft cushioned area somewhere adjacent to your seating
10. A self help book on positive thinking and confidence

In theory, the person to start the game off makes 4 statements about his/herself, one of which is a lie and the others true. The object (again in theory) is to guess which one is the lie. The FIRST person to guess correctly wins and takes over by posting 4 new statements of his/her own.

The first person to post here officially starts the game with 4 statements. (Oh good lord, I'm terrified.. but here we go)

WARNING: Previous attempts to play/design this game have resulted in hysteria, hyperventilation, stomach pains, dangerous falls, watering of the tear ducts, disorientation, loss of sleep and headaches.

DISCLAIMER: esselle originally inspired this game. Should any injury, psychological damage, property damage or other loss occur.. it is not my fault. Blame her. :D (Sorry to throw you under the bus like that esselle)

Alright.. LOL. I was a bit scared of this game after last night, but I'll kick it off again.

1) I have a form of Photophobia
2) I stayed in Japan for a year
3) I have traveled most of the United States
4) I have trained/broken horses
1. :popcorn:
2. :popcorn: !
3. :popcorn: ...
4. :popcorn: ?
Lol Shooter!! :} a third thread? Lmao!!

Ok ...#1 is the lie?

Im posting from under the bus. :}
Lol Shooter!! :} a third thread? Lmao!!

Ok ...#1 is the lie?

Im posting from under the bus. :}

I'll go ahead and answer as we go.. if nobody guesses correctly by the third guess, then I'll go again. That seems the logical way to do it.

EDIT: By the way Photophobia isn't a fear of anything, though it sounds that way. It's a condition in which the photoreceptors in the eyes allow too much light in, overstimulating the optic nerve. Sensitivity to light, basically.

#1 is true.. 3 options left.
I'll guess #2 is false - no logic, just a swag.
Wow - lucky guess.

OK - let me see . . .
1. I was born in Washington, DC, as were both of my parents.
2. I love all kinds of music but have exactly zero musical talent.
3. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Geology in 2010
4. My father, my oldest son and I were born on the 24th of the month: July, August & September.

BONUS: The statement with the lie is only half untrue. Guess which half for extra points!!
I shouldn't be allowed to play, as I have ADD, CDO (ok, OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order like they should be...) and a host of other alphabetical disorders...

#1 and you really were born in DC but at least one parent was not.
No, Sharon - all three of us are natives. None of may grandparents are, though.

Are you feeling better, this morning?
No, Sharon - all three of us are natives. None of may grandparents are, though.

Are you feeling better, this morning?

Well, that's good really, because I hadn't actually come up with four things to use about me yet anyway. :D

Yeah, I'm fine--I was just extraordinarily tired last night, and my dried-out, sunburned eyes don't help that situation. They are getting much better though--yesterday I only put drops in twice, two days before that I had to put them in almost hourly.
Put cucumber slices over your (closed) eyes for a bit. You'll look like Little Orphan Annie, but they'll feel better. now sharon puts her list up since she won. :) whoever guesses it ...they make their list. And so on. What's funny about this game is it doesn't translate well to offline. Lol

You've been warned lol

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