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Jun 1, 2013
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This can be a fun game, if everyone takes turns.

How you play: Whoever's turn it is, names four things in a list. Could be things they have seen, done, accomplishments, etc. But, out of the four things, ONE thing, is a lie. Object of the game, is to guess the lie.

I will go...and then, whoever guesses the lie, will be the next person to go.

Note: The four things (including the lie) has to be about YOU. Don't make lists about others, then the game just goes awry.


1) I'm really a blond
2) I play the piano pretty well
3) I never once sat on Santa's lap as a kid
4) I applied for a job as a stripper, as a joke with a friend, back in college

what is the lie?
I'll guess that #1 is the lie.
that was too easy! lol

the strip joint guy did want to hire me. (i was not flattered) and was mad when i said we were just doing it as a joke. :lol:

ok...your turn!
1) I once started a forest fire
2) I've had two DWI's
3) I've been to Mount Rushmore
4) I have an estranged wife
#4 is true. I am actually married to someone other than the person everyone assumes is my wife. It's a long, complicated story, but yeah - it's plenty f*ed up.
#1 also true, but I'd rather not get into the details - lol!
we will not judge in this game...disclaimer!

ok...i'll go once more (since i guessed right), then shooter...will you go?


1) I failed an entire semester of college 'partying'
2) I hate roller coasters
3) I don't know how to dive into a pool
4) I have five tattoos
Wait, what?!

Nobody has correctly guessed my lie yet. You're messing up at your own game!

There are only two options left, so the next person has a 50/50 chance.
omg...i thought it was 4.
#3? :lol:
#3 also true, so I guess that means the next person to post wins (unless they're like a total dumbass or something)...
alright! you did not have two dwi's...that is the lie.
technically, i still won because i believe #4 was designed to trick us. :lol:

mine is above.
then, whoever guesses can go. shooter should go.
shooter...get your list ready pls.

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