Had forgotten how to use my point & shoot!


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Jan 29, 2012
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Shepherdsville, KY
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It's been months since I picked up my point n shoot. I am so glad I decided to take my point and shoot cam to the concert last night because it was wild! Some fun pics of last night.....drinking? Oh no, we weren't doing THAT :lol:




Me....being goofy........

The famous facebook self portrait, hubby singing in my ear!

Of course the night wouldn't be complete without stopping at Waffle House after midnight....
We had a blast!! I seriously had trouble with the ol' point and shoot snapshots! I kept wanting to adjust settings, heehee
Van Halen 2012...what will they think of next!!! REO Speedwagon 2013? Black Sabbath 2014?
Ahh I know how you feel - I sometimes get given "the camera" (which nearly always is a point and shoot) when out with family to "take the shot" (under some idea that I might know what I'm doing) and suddenly I've 1001 difference scene modes to shoot with - from fireworks to sport pet mode - but never quite the mode that suits what is right in front of me.

Once you learn the DSLR and its freedoms the old point and shoot can feel very restricting and can actually be a challenge to shoot (well) with. It's one reason those little mirrorless hybrid cameras have become so popular so fast - the likes of the Olympus PEN series being as small as point and shoots, but with all those controls the DSLR shooter is used to.
Believe it or not, my little point and shoot even has a RAW setting. It is a Panasonic Lumix, does great with close ups, Wild concert, people spilling beer and I am glad I didn't rish taking my good cam.
Van Halen 2012...what will they think of next!!! REO Speedwagon 2013? Black Sabbath 2014?
This was the original Van Halen on tour with David Lee Roth. They are on tour and have a new CD. They are now in their 50's, but still got it!! I do believe Eddie could play guitar if his head were cut off. We have some good concerts coming here this summer. Roger waters Pink Floyd The Wall, Red Hot Chili Peppers...and I just went blank.

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