Had looong photowalk yesterday.

In the first image there is a bit of a focus issue that I cannot decide if I like or don't so I left it as is...one the second image, I found the crop not suited to pulling me into the scene, so I went closer to a square though not quite...I also added some color and contrast bump to the right side of the leaf using the tools you see in the edit. On the River ride, I found the sky too light and then when that was corrected, it needed some attention to the foreground...again, the tools show the process...the sky was a magic wand selection w/select and mask and for the foreground, just inverted the original selection...Note on the sky layer, I feathered the edge significantly to blend the selection. Also, Note on both the blend modes as these are essential to the success (or failure) of the edits.

As always, critiques and edits are meant to be suggestions and never directives; they are merely another's eye seeing something else.


A couple of good edits there.
Thank you for your awesome guidance. I like how the details are brought out more in #1.
I agree with e the first response.

the first shot is pretty. The service is far more interesting but could use some balance. It’s cropped a little too tight on the left hand side imo. For the third, the main subject is the sky, so I’d work on developing the sky to bring out more tones. Thanks!

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