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Mar 20, 2009
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Orange County, CA
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I'm sure it's not the first moon post, but the moon finally came out since I bought my 70-300mm VR lens so here's it is =)

CC please.
nice shot.
i havnt seen a moon shot since about everybody on the forum decided they would try it out and post them all at the same time. lol.... good fun
The amount of detail that can be resolved on the moon with our DSLR's is just amazing. I remember the first time I did a moon shot and zoomed up on it on the LCD, I was absolutely stunned!

Very nice work!
I'm new to the forum, didn't realize there have been so many moon post..oh well =P thanks guys!
Woah!! I'm a noob so can't say much but I like your picture and it amazed me. Being a noob and all, I never thot we could do this with DSLR, I always thot that only some kind of super high tech binoculars cum camera or something that can do the job :p

Silly I know, haha!

But of course without telephoto lens (at least like yours), you can't do this shot, right? Or not?
Shaunly, Nice Moon Shot!

Noritje, the longer the lens the better of course. I have seen decent 200mm heavy crop shots too.
Nice shot. Love the detail on the moon how clear it is!
Nice and sharp, good work.
Wow, great photo! I don't have my camera yet, but I just might get a large zoom like that sooner than later. :D

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