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Apr 19, 2010
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Yucca Valley, Ca
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I moved back to my hometown (sorta) two years ago and ever since I came back my brother has been bugging me to come out and shoot a race for him. The past weekend he and my father were racing about 30 minutes from my house so I figured I'd head out and give it a shot. Not my normal type of shooting. . . .I'm normally either manually focusing, using a tripod, or both. :lol:

A shot from the start of the first event (second if you count the mini's). The groups were pretty large, so they ran them around two 90* bends through the field before sending them into the woods where they negotiated a 180* turn before coming back out; going around the corner of the woods along the field and then back into the trail proper.

Getting the Holeshot by tltichy, on Flickr

The melee that ensued when the groups would get into the woods to make that first 180* turn before heading back out:

The Melee' by tltichy, on Flickr

Up the hill and through the woods. . . .

Up the Hill and Through the Woods by tltichy, on Flickr

A shot from behind of my brother cresting a small climb out of a gully:

Up and Out by tltichy, on Flickr

Another shot of my brother chasing another rider. He went into the course proper in first place, but missed a trail marker where the full course (10 miles) split off from the course the mini bikes ran (about 3 miles). He ended up running the first three miles of the course twice on the first lap and still ended up in third. Not too bad considering. :

In Pursuit by tltichy, on Flickr

Panning at 24mm (FF) without flash. The bikes were literally arms length away. :

Red White and Blue Honda by tltichy, on Flickr

Panning with flash, still at 24mm. KTM Fly-by:

KTM 4AA FlyBy by tltichy, on Flickr

A shot of "The Old Guy" a.k.a. Dad. Almost 60yrs old and still out racing motorcycles; with a strong pace too. :

Still Rollin. . . . by tltichy, on Flickr
Great shots!
It's always fun seeing what non-mx/action sports photog's can do in settings like this. I actually like this one the best.
Charging Past | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Did you do any post processing besides color, tone, etc?

These shots were just zipped through Lr. Every shot got some brush work done. Boosting clarity and vibrance on the riders while controlling highlights. Once I settled on a tone curve and process the shots went pretty quick. Maybe a minute or two each.

I delivered about 60 shots to my brother, but I really don't see a need to post that many up as it gets pretty repetitive.
You got a good amount of blur in the 2 paning shots, and still the rider was reasonably focused, even in the pic without flash! Nice work :)

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