Harlequin Maple


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Jun 22, 2012
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Sioux Falls, SD
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Found some nice dappled light on a unique tree I really like. B&W was definitely the way to go with this one after working with it. I think this is the shot I had in my head.

Curious to know your thoughts.

IMG_3817a by breckmiller, on Flickr
I like it. I especially like the B/W conversion. It really calls your attention to the dual tonalities of the leaf, which would probably get lost with color.
Very nice, I like it.
Really nice B&W capture.
Thanks all. The variegation does actually show up in color. The middle is a nice mid-tone green while the outer edges are almost white. I had done a little burning in the upper right area, but was afraid it made those leaves a little too flat. I think I figured out what I need to do to polish that up a little. Maybe I'm a little critical just because I know it's there.
I really like the DOF, brings that one leaf to the foreground.

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