Harris Hawks

Deon Reynolds

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Oct 31, 2020
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New Mexico
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Our next door neighbour is an artist (stone carver) and a Falconer. He has seven Harris Hawks and three Peregrine Falcons. He flies the birds everyday. He also takes his birds to photographic workshops so folks can photograph his birds. Trish, my partner and I have gone out several time to help him with the birds when he’s got a dozen photographers with him in wilds of New Mexico. Loads of fun!
We would stand several hundred metres apart and the birds are trained to fly between people that whistle and hold a piece of meat (bunny) the birds will fly to you for the treat. They are so smart. One bird will distract you while another has figured out where the bag of treats are and takes them from you…

Trish with Etta

Trish with Minnie

Trish and Etta

Trish and Minnie stop for a selfie.

Etta stops by to see what I'm making images of...
I created these images with a Canon 5Dsr and either a Canon 200mm f/2.8 L II or a Canon 85mm f/1.4 L. For these images I ran the ISO up to 500 so I could keep my shutter speed up around 2000th of a second and still have some depth of field with apertures around f=8.0. Trish shot the image of me with an iPhone 12 Pro.
Nice! Awesome to get so close!

I'm also impressed with the iPhone pic. Kind of scary how good it looks.

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