Has anyone used the Sony Cybershot DSC-G1


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Dec 13, 2007
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I know it's a point and shoot but I like most of the features. It's only for a later investment.

I would like to purchase this after I get a Digital SLR and have become familiar with them. My mind may change but it's the thought trail I have now.

I like that it has internal 2G memory and you can make slideshows with music! You can also send photos straight from the camera to another compatible camera, but, I'm not too hyped up about that. It is One megapixel better than my current camera with a larger screen by 1". My camera doesn't have Image Stabilization so that'd be a nice upgrade because I always have blurry photos.

Also, it won't be a hand-me-down like much of my other technology. I'm not meaning to sound like a brat because I am happy that I have all the things I have.

Does anyone like this camera at all (who has used it)?? And is it a good investment?

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