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Discussion in 'Medium Format & Large Format' started by selmerdave, Mar 1, 2008.

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm going to check out and likely buy a 500CM in the next couple of days, and just looking for some tips on how they work. Not general camera tips, I've just never used a Hassy and I seem to recall reading once that there are a couple of no-nos that can jam the shutter or something. Just want to know what to look for specific to a 500CM and what not to do when checking it out. It has the 80mm Planar. Many thanks.


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    Hey Dave,

    So sorry for the late reply... The lens/camera can jam easily if you try to remove the lens from the camera before cocking the shutter (winding the film). Alas, there are tools to unjam it and quite a few on eBay. So, remember to wind up the camera after each shot and leave it like that until the next shot. Repeat sequence and you won't have any jamming probs.

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