Have you ever had security / enjoyment problems while traveling with your gear?


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Jan 30, 2012
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It seems all this expensive gear can put a crimp on an amateur enjoying their trip...just trying to keep the gear secure. Or if at the beach / water, keeping photography gear from getting ruined.

(The pros may be dedicated to working, more so than having fun while they travel. So the 'trip enjoyment' aspect may not apply to them. And if their gear gets messed up, they get paid to buy more.)

What sort of security measures do you use? And what do you do to not let your $7,000 to $12,000+ photobag take over your life and put a crimp on your trip?

For me, I like to go kiteboarding, diving, snorkelling, bouldering, exploring / treking. So I'm not just sitting on a tour bus fondling my gear all day to keep it warm and safe.

Insure it, and get a good-quality (I like Lowe-Pro gear) back-pack style bag which will be weather-resistant and combine space for a basic kit with storage space for other necessities.
State farm insurance keeps my stuff secure for $100 a year no deductable, i don't sweat it too much.
State farm insurance keeps my stuff secure for $100 a year no deductable, i don't sweat it too much.

i never even thought of that!!

i have state farm for my house, my cars, my bikes, even our violins are covered by statefarm..

i never considered the cameras... and i was just thinking of security concerns when the kid heads off to peru this summer.

time to ring my agent.
If you have renters or homeowners it's pretty cheap and simple to add a bit about your equipment to secure loss, damage, theft, etc. AND you REALLY need to check on your homeowners insurance. MANY to MOST don't cover much unless you declare exactly what you have in gear!!!! You might be lucky to have $1000 in high end camera equipment on a standard homeowners policy.
Very helpful. I have often thought about this issue and didn't really think about it in terms of insurance.
Between my deductible and what they cover on my homeowners insurance it was pretty useless to me.

State Farm has my back for 8K in gear for around $100 a year which to me is dirt cheap for peace of mind. Once I get a business license thats out the window, this policy price was for non-professional use. This thread reminded me i need to call and add a Sigma 50mm to the list =)
2WheelPhoto said:
State farm insurance keeps my stuff secure for $100 a year no deductable, i don't sweat it too much.

I do the same. And it's already paid for itself!
So, with insurance, if I'm on the beach and leave some gear covered up with a blanket or clothes and it gets stolen it is covered?

It would have to be a different policy than my homeowners. I got a $5000 ded on the house. Would not want that ded on the gear.

Is your gear insured for water damage too?

What sort of claims have you had so far? Any refusals to pay claims?

For Allstate, they covered ANY personal camera gear. I don't think there was a limit to the coverage they were just sure to tell me that if I ever made a single dollar with any of it, then the coverage no longer fell under the Home Owners policy... at that point I had to have a separate policy in which I also had to have everything appraised.
Yeah never worried about it. Home owners will cover up to $2500 for any one thing, so unless you have a lens or body worth more than that no big deal. I don't know of bodies or lenses that cost a whole lot more, $5k would not be worth getting a special policy but for say a wedding ring worth 20k you would pay an extra $20 a month or year can't say I remember which but it's pretty minor. Some people get worried about things getting stolen, I am anxious to replace things it would be like christmas come early.
we have our violins covered on separate polices. One cost 4 digits, the other cost 5 digits. For coverage on both, I pay 120 a year.

of course, money could never replace our 114 year old violin.

I am definitely covering our cameras though.
to the op ....... If your gear is stolen off a beach chair.... I would give my agent a much better story than that. Lol.

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