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    Thought about why you chose the subject that you photographed. The ones you aren't paid to shoot that is, and of course not the ones you happen upon while doing other things.

    That is assuming you go out planning to shoot one thing that day, not just roaming around with camera in hand. Exactly what is it, if you know.

    You know we have unlimited numbers of things to shoot, and limited resources, so we have to filter and make our own judgements. So what is your thinking.

    Sorry I keep doing this, but it interests me to know what is going on inside other photographers. How they became what and who they are.

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    For me, at this point in my photographic life, when i decide to take a picture of something specific, it is usually due to some random thought i got in my head, or some really cool place that i want others to see. That is the main reason. Although on some times I take specific pictures because I simply think they will look really cool.

    Also I really like to see the world we live in a totally different perspective so I will also take specific shots for the sole perpose of changing them to my minds eye with the computer.

    Thats about it.
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    For me it tends to be beauty in one form or another that drives me to photography. I think aircraft are beautiful and they are my primary subject. I also like photographing women when the opportunity presents itself, especially a woman who might not be beautiful for strictly physical reasons but her personality and sensuality makes her so, trying to capture that is a goal to strive for.

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