Haven't shared any work in a while.... 1 for C&C

I love the idea of the paint, I have finger paints I have been wanting to use as a prop, however, it seems you would want the child in focus and not the paint. JMO.
The paint and paint brush are the subjects. Not the kid.
Bold color, Great DoF, overall I think it's a good shot. Not sure why, but the piggy on the left is kind of bothering me, don't know if he's staring me down or what but that's my $0.02
That poor little piggy...:hugs:
Nice little story being told! Good use of DOF to isolate the main subject... looks good! I would like it better if it wasn't so tightly framed... with the girl's head cut off. Need the piggy there to tell the story... but he is a large distraction. If you were to selectively amp up the brightness and saturation a bit just on the paint... that might help. :)
Child's expression is nice, but appears unnatural; no paint spilling and so clean!

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