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Jul 4, 2005
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Chattanooga, TN
i've been here with a documentary filmmaker shooting a documentary for the past week so far - since last thursday, very interesting stuff, some disturbing, other happy... been working 24/7, running to and from locations in Bangkok and Phuket (got to work/talk/live with Tsunami survivors - mostly fishermen, their stories are crazy, and the destruction caused incredible, huge swaths of open grass where towns used to be, one village has huge boats sitting in the middle of it, 5,000 people died there... and at another place a Naval patrol boat, huge steel ship, was swept 2 kilometers inland, resting on the side of a hill)... today we head to the middle of nowhere west of Bangkok, 7 hour drive in a van... mostly videography, but i also have my 35mm snap snap snapping away

interesting stuff

cards are in my favor right now i guess, i've also been picked for an internship with a professional photographer this summer
Hey panzershreck, thanks for the update. Glad everything is going rather well. It must be an absolutely amazing yet tough experience talking to and learning the stories of the survivors.
Hopefully when you get back from your travels you can share some of your photos and experiences with all of us on TPF :)


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