Haystack Rock, Oregon coast


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Mar 10, 2007
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The Haystack Rock is one of the main tourist destinations in the Oregon coast –if not the main one. Travelled there back in December, had a nice little walk on the beach, and came up with a handful of good images... The miserable day actually provided some mood to the shots...

Not sure what that thing in the sand is exactly, but made for great foreground...

This doggy stopped right beside me when I was shooting a pano... and immediately became mesmerized by the rock like the rest of us...

Finally a pano (NOT the one that the dog intruded)...
(Sorry for posting an image this wide, but didn't look right in a smaller version.)

Thanks for looking...
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The one with the dog is interesting, as are the others, but I like the one with the dog the best.
They're all quite good, particularly the panorama.
Thanks guys. I'm surprised at how many people take the one of the dog over the other two (not just here but on different forums and offline too)...
These are all nice.

The seaweed is fun to play with, albiet a bit slimy.
By the way, invisible, they all look like paintings. I've been trying to figure out how you did that.
Great shots! I have always wanted to visit "the haystack." I bet it would look awesome at sunset
Great shots..
The one with the dog really looks like a painting.. or fake..
Don't know how to explain it! but its amazing.
I agree with the others, they are all nice shots but the dog one, that angle looking from behind him, is excellent :)
By the way, invisible, they all look like paintings. I've been trying to figure out how you did that.
My post-processing abilities are limited to the quick-fix features of Photoshop Elements 5. The painting-like look is not something I meant to do, it just happened. I don't think I'd be able to duplicate these results –or any results for that matter...

Thanks everybody for stopping by and commenting.

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