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Oct 17, 2006
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I want to share with the community photographs of my travel in Namibia

The photo gallery is a nice mix of wonderful different landscapes, portraits and photos of people, many animals and much more ...

To see my reportage click here >>> Namibia

Photos are taken: Windhoek - Sossusvlei - Okaukuejo - Sandwich Harbour - Swakopmund - Opuwo - Sesriem - Cape Cross - Henties Bay - Twyfelfontein - Mariental - Walvis Bay - Uis - Naankuse - Epupa

Positive or negative comments are very appreciated ! Thanks in advance !

The Namib desert : it is a place of extraordinary beauty very very varied in the diversity of the landscape ; sandy , rocky , flat , hilly , mountainous , arid , verdant , lunar , exterminated , amazing there are many adjectives that describe this wonderful desert ; Sossusvlei ( or Sossus Vlei ) and Deadvlei ( or Dead Vlei ) they are among the most evocative places

Sandwich Harbour : it is certainly one of the most exciting places in Namibia where very high sand dunes ( as far as the eye can see ! ) enter directly into the Atlantic ocean ; even here the landscape is truly breathtaking !

Epupa : it is a small village grown next to the Kunene river located right on the border with Angola ; the landscape is really impressive : the river before it's getting larger then it goes down through different waterfalls creating a verdant area with lush vegetation , this contrasts a lot with the surrounding landscape which is mostly bare and dry . Nearby I visited 2 small villages where live people of ethnicity Himba ( or Ovahimba ) and Herero ( or Ovaherero )

Walvis Bay : it is surrounded by high dunes of the Namib desert and it is a very important commercial port ; it is interesting for tourists for the beautiful bay and the lagoon where hundreds of sea lions live , the area is also frequented by many pink flamingos , cormorants , pelicans

Etosha National Park : it is the largest and most famous park in Namibia , the main animals that live here are : lions , elephants , rhinos , giraffes , springbok , oryx , cheetahs , hyenas , jackals , leopards , kudu , wildebeest , ostriches , impala , zebras etc. etc

Cape Cross : it is a small town of Skeleton Coast where thousands of sea lions live

Moon Valley : it is located inland about 25 miles from Swakopmund ; it's called with this name for its very special and beautiful lunar landscape

Twyfelfontein : is located in the Damaraland , the landscape of the area is mostly arid , mountainous and it is characterized by red sandstones . The area is interesting as well as for the beautiful landscape also for the 2000 paintings and rock engravings of the Bushmen that are present in the area . Nearby to visit the Museum with the petrified forest of Khorixas with wooden logs dating back to more than 250 millions of years ago

Uis : it is a small mining center located near the Brandberg Massif ( they are the highest mountains in Namibia )

Opuwo : it is a small city , not particularly interesting but it is useful access door to Kaokoland

Swakopmund : it is a coastal town surrounded by the Namib desert ; numerous German-style buildings characterize the city and make it strangely particular

Mariental : it is a small town without particular tourist attractions located at the edge of the Kalahari desert ; nearby there is a private reserve with zebras , rhinos , impala , ostriches , oryx , giraffes , elephants , springbok

Henties Bay : it is a small fishing village

Naankuse : it is a private reserve which deals of recovery of animals ; there are : cheetahs , lynx , warthogs , african wild dogs , giraffes , lions , baboons , leopards

P.s. to know the location where the photographs were taken , enlarge them individually clicking on it and read under the picture
Wow! Your photos are fantastic! Definitely feel free to post some on here, as some people will not click on links they do not know.

But seriously, phenomenal stuff. I've clicked through to some of your other albums as well. Very nice.
Impressive. I've been meaning to go to Namibia and this just increases my desire to do so.
Incredible , gonna finish up later. Got through one page.
You will get a much better response by posting your best images in a thread here as many folks won't follow off-site links.
You have some wonderful shots there. Does the young lady have clay on her hair or is that some type of headdress?
I kept finding myself drawn to the photos of her and the young man with the feathered/fur cap.
Great photos! As some said I would post some of your best in the thread then include the link for people wanting to see more to make it more visible, they deserve to be seen.
What occupies that grass nest in the tree?
Namibia by Marco Di Leo, on Flickr
Impressive. I've been meaning to go to Namibia and this just increases my desire to do so.

Great photos. I visited some of those places in Namibia nearly 20 years ago; It was an amazing trip. These photos make me want to go back. I made a short video reel of the trip, don't know what happened to it. I guess I need to see if my Beige Mac G3 tower is in the basement, lol.
Thanks very much to everyone for your attention and for the comments .

The birds that build and live in the photo's nest are the Ploceidae are a family of small passerine birds, many of which are called weavers or weaverbirds

The typical hairstyle of the Himba women collect their hair in braids covered with an ocher ointment, it is a symbol of seduction

My best regards

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