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Jun 14, 2013
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Hey peoples,

Just have a processing question about shooting multiple exposures in RAW for an HDR image. I use both Photomatix and CS6. Normally when I'm processing RAW images, I go in and make adjustments to sharpness, luminance, maybe exposure or contrast, etc..

I can take three RAW images straight out of the camera and merge them in Photomatix but I feel like I'm missing a beat with processing those basics on the HDR first.

Is Photomatix taking care of that or do I want to do some processing for each exposure before I merge, and if so, what's the most efficient way to do that?

All you really want to be doing before you merge is basic things such as White balance & Lens corrections.
So does the processing also take care of sharpness then?

And that still leaves me with the question of how to efficiently flow through that. I prefer photomatix for HDR, but CS6 and Camera Raw for making RAW adjustments.
Well I use CS5 to do sharpening.

Can you even sharpen in Photomatix?

You shouldn't sharpen the images before you merge them anyway.

If i'm being completely honest, I very very rarely even use photomatix for HDR now days, I like to create a 32bit tiff in CS5 and work on that in Lightroom 4.
I don't believe you can sharpen in Photomatix, no. You can adjust white balance ... but I do prefer photomatix to PS for HDR.. PS does ok, but I like the way Photomatix processes HDR. I think it does a better job, as it was designed specifically for it.
The way I do it is as follows--take the RAW images, process/merge them in photomatix pro, then export to lightroom or photoshop and edit as needed, then export them to my desktop and upload.

I'll just play with that then.. thanks for the responses.
Whatever changes you make to one image, you should do to all of them before combining them.
Yeah I figured any changes would need to be uniform. Thanks for all the input.

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