HDR manual blending with layer masks - First attempt


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Oct 16, 2012
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Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK
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There has been much discussion about HDR lately and the use of multiple exposures and keeping it realistic. So here is my first attempt, 3 exposures, +/-2 then layer masks to keep the parts I wanted.

Thoughts and crit? Please click the image to view on a black background!

St James Church, Longton by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin, on Flickr
Pretty nice job. Almost realistic. But there is a bit of halos around the buildings. And it's all leaning to the left. Nice job for a first try.
Not bad at all on the technical side. It's not a very good picture, though ;) The bushes in the foreground are just visual chaos that add nothing that I can see.
As you can see by the shot though, any other composition would have covered the church or the lampost?

I agree with all, not a bad job!

I would have gone vertical ;) you are right, this is your best angle to fit the church in but the right side adds nothing and draws the eye. A more vertical comp gets rid of most of it and tightens up the shot nicely IMHO.
I agree with all of the composition comments give. I just realized that thi swas posted in the General Gallery section. My ealier critique assuming that the OP wanted critque on the processing only, based on the Title.
I do have one question, however, for the OP. How do you get haloing from layer masking? Looks more like Photomatix or HDR Pro.
Nice work. I enjoyed your Flickr. But too many to look through. I suggest you make a portfolio of your best work.
Nope, not Photomatix, layer masking. It;s not a proper halo, it's basically where I've changed the sky colour then painted the church through and caught the sky underneath. Basically like a child going out of the lines when colouring. Rookie mistake!

I will try cropping it vertical thank youi!

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