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Jan 12, 2008
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Ok, I really want to take some HDR photos because i like how they look. i need to know what i need to do with the camera to do this. i already have photoshop cs4 and photomatrix.
I'm a noob but here's my understanding. Find a subject with vibrant colors or lots of contrast or something like that. Take a shot with correct exposure. Take one +2 stops. Take one -2 stops. This should give you the raw materials to start photoshopping.
Shoot in aperture priority mode, select an aperture. (keep it the same on all shots)

Then change your EV levels, do one shot -2, one 0, and one +2. When you change this it will choose different shutter speeds automatically to give you different exposures. (you may need a tripod as there may be a slow shutter involved.)
+2 f stops or clicks on the scroll wheel?
Alternatively, you can go into your menu and choose "Exposure Bracketing" and sets the EV stops there. Then, it will automatically take a sequence of 3 photos.

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