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He sees into your soul


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Mar 8, 2007
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I can really respect you trying to get a good foreground element going to add some flavor to the shot, but I feel that it just doesn't really work here. It's too distracting to me, but that's just a personal thing. Technically, I think the shot is good, and that subject is definitely creepy.
well, i dont own him. Hes locked up in a glass box at a zoo (no idea why they thought a zoo was a good place to put this thing) but you put a coin in and he starts peddaling a bike or something like that and the carousel (foreground) spins... cant really remember exactly how it happens now, but i cant really reshoot now
Yikes! He scares me. I, too, would have preferred to see him alone without the foreground stuff, but since he was in a case, I see that you probably couldn't do much about that. Was there, perhaps, a slightly different angle you could've shot it?
yeah, i could have shot it at a different angle i suppose, although i'm not sure if my shadow would have blocked the sunlight coming in from the windows across the room. Also there was someone in my way when i was shooting so i just took this one and kept walking

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