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Mar 8, 2008
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Austin, Texas
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UPS delivered 3 boxes of toys today including backdrops, boom arms, backdrop stands, calumet genesis strobe and modifiers... all sorts of goodies. My model was not what you'd call entirely cooperative as she was more interested in playing 'throw the mickey mouse over the back of the backdrop' (hence the disheveled hair, this was quite a rousing game, apparently) but here's the first halfway decent result out of the first batch of photos.


C&C appreciated.
Good start, but I think your keylight is just a bit bright, maybe dial it down 1/3 stop?
I could and I'll try that next time I set the stuff up. I actually bumped the overall exposure up in post so I think it might have been about right to begin with. It's a bad habit of mine when I'm editing pictures of her.
Overall it looks very good. Both eyes have are lit up and have catchlights. O think you could move the key light down, just a touch. The ratio is nice so your fill is working well. The overexposed area of her shirt is a bit distracting though. And of course, she's cute as a button :)
Thanks. It's definitely a step up difficultywise working with one light and a reflector to three lights and a couple of reflectors.
Very nice, perhaps a bit bright, but the lighting falls on the eyes perfectly.

The mussy hair is a bonus! :)

I think this picture is really cute. Her expression shows that she's a trouble maker and expression is important. I agree with the lights being a little high, but you've already gotten that critique. Nice job!

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