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Jun 12, 2006
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I am an avid outdoorsman and while fishing or hunting I love to take pictures. I have seem more of a demand for me to have a camera that I can take close up pictures with at subjects over 50 to 100 yrds. Currently I try and take picture through my binoculars but that doesnt work great and it still isnt close enough!
Can I do this with a camera under 400 dollars?

Any suggestions on a specific camera? Not too big.

the picture was through binoculars with a sony dsc- s40 at about 100yrds.
Warning. As soon as I tried to open link above I got this warning from Symantec

Event: Threat Found!
Threat: Trojan.ByteVerify

Currently running scan and the trojan was on my sytem. In process of removing it now.
Wow! It doesnt show up on my computer! Its a pic from my cam that I have hosted on yahoo photos.
Sorry about that Ill look into it.

Why cant I just take pics from my comp and post them?
Am I missing something?
The type of picture you are after requires a lens far outside the normal amateur range. A 35mm body with one of the mirror lenses might be within your cost tolerance range.
I have done some more research and am interested in the canon s3 or the panasonic fz30. do you think that would be wise choice?

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