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May 28, 2013
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i am a new one on the board,a photo lover and a student of photography classes,
Welcome to TPF. Home of the $8 fillet mignon and the never-ending cup of coffee.
Welcome to the forum. How do you like your photography classes ? In case you wonder, forum does not serve coffee and cooked meat to the members. Some just are so much involved here, they eat and sleep by computer. :lol:
Welcome to the forums, I am professional photographer, you can share your problem with me.
thanks for appreciation,this is amazing community and i took advantage from here,great people with great experience,
I do admit that this does not prove that the privatization of welfare will work; it is merely an example that shows people are willing to give to a cause they believe in.
Welcome Sharjee to the Great Place! Enjoy yourself life is too short take your camera with you! See yah around.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the site.

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