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May 25, 2013
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
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First of all, let me say I am sorry that I didn't do this earlier. I know that there are rules in every forum no matter what the topic is. Also, it is the right thing to do when you meet new people.

Anyway, my name is Alfonso Rosselli Angelet and friends call me Alfi. I live in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico but I just write San Juan instead because nobody knows where Guaynabo is. Besides, It's just a ten minutes ride.

Back in High School I used to own a Zeiss Ikon camera, don't remember what was the model, it was given to me as a gift from my Mom's dad. It was already an old camera but pictures were great so I became a member of the photography club for three years in a row. We also had a dark room with fair developing equipment, only black and white but still I learned how to develop my own pictures. In fact, I still have all the pictures taken back then, they are stored in few shoe boxes.

Recently, I received few vintage cameras and equipment from my aunt. She mentioned she was going to give them to a friend of her, he is a photographer but, I asked her if I could have at least few of them. Lucky me, I had the first choices.

I do have a GoPro that I stick in my helmet while riding motorcycle but to be honest, don't know much about cameras and their equipments.

At least two of them, as I understand, are kind of rare. I am in the process of finding information pertaining everything, including how to clean them which I am doing right now. Every night when I get home, I take either a camera, lens, flash, etc, and start cleaning and looking for info on the net. I work well with my hands, (one of my hobbies, which I take very serious is Two Stroke Vintage Motorcycle restoration), parts are usually bigger, that's all.

What I mean is that once you start finding info regarding history, heritage, designs, mechanics and everything else you can find in the internet, you are in trouble because you might like it too much. In fact, I was thinking of keeping one of the cameras with a Zoom lens just to have fun and enjoy the old school type of cameras that these are.

Alfonso Rosselli
Welcome to the site.
Hello and welcome to the forum Alfonso!

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