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Aug 27, 2010
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Well I've always loved both looking at and somewhat attempting photography. My main subject are my poor dogs, forced into horrible play and games to please me and my habit :lol:

I also have a couple horses, a couple cats, and a couple nephews that I get with my camera once in a while. I'm starting to get more and more into it all but I will be the first to admit that I'm a complete beginner. I also work at an animal shelter and voluntarily took on the roll of getting pictures of the animals for their online bio's etc so that is usually a once or twice a week thing too. They've seen a huge increase of interest since we've started putting up photos that are cropped, colorful, usually a bit goofy.

I am taking the photos at a friends wedding this October. It's the second wedding for both of them so they are doing a very casual get together on their farm. Even though it's casual and at an easy going setting I still want to do a fantastic job for them. And hey, it's a chance to get to 'play' photographer without the stress of doing a perfect job for x amount of dollars etc. I will also see how I feel trying to be sneaking in and out of the good spots.

I'm excited to learn lots here and can't wait to really dig into some of the newbie threads ;)

Here are a couple pics from this summer....

The dessert bar from my wedding....this one ALWAYS makes me hungry lol


3 dog tug of war


Our wedding rings (played with them while camping after the wedding)

Tyson playing 'hide the tennis ball in your mouth and bowl everyone over' ha
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