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Hello from Pennsylvania!

I personally wouldn't be able to live that far from the city. I can't even stand suburbia (moving in a month), forget about getting me further out.

You do have the mountains though. That must be nice!

See I'm completely the opposite. I need suburbia... even city life. The mountains are beautiful and the hikes are always awesome... but if I have to drive 30 minutes to get to Wal-mart and every gas station within a 20 mile radius closes at 9PM... I'm TOO FAR from civilization.

I don't live IN Allentown. I live about 30-45 minutes outside of Allentown... in the country-ish side.

Keith loves it.

It drives me nuts.

I want to drive 5 minutes and be at a Turkey Hill, Sheetz, or Wawa... 20. :lol:

Thats what I meant, I need to be in a city. I hate having to drive everywhere. I have 4 Wawas within 5 minutes of my house, and thats certainly nice, but I still have to spend all of my time in my car.

I grew up in a city (sort of like a suburb within a city). It was nice being able to walk to the metro station to go to school, take the tram to go out at night, etc.

I wouldn't mind living in the country side if there was stuff to do (rivers, mountains, whatever), but suburbia is rural for no reason.

And we have officially taken over this poor person's welcome thread.

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