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Mar 9, 2021
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Hello everyone! I am an amateur film photographer from Scotland.

I only started shooting film in December 2020 so my journey has been short, but in that short time I have learned so much and became obsessed.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures on here and immerse myself into the film community even more.

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Welcome to TPF!

Where in Scotland are you from (there's a few of us Scots around, I'm just outside Glasgow myself!) What subjects do you like to shoot?
I’m just outside Glasgow as well! I love street photography and landscape photography. There is something about film that lends itself so well to Scotland (the west in particular).

I have attached some images I shot in Govanhill below!


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Glasgow? Southern softies:D:D

Welcome. I'm in sheep fornicating country;)
Nice shots!

I'm mostly into landscapes and wildlife myself. Not done much shooting since lockdown but hopefully the travel restrictions will be lifted soon an I can get back out.
Normally have a weekend doon Glesga pre Xmas every year. Last year was the first I'd missed for probably 12-15 years. Hopefully get back this year tho.

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