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Aug 22, 2003
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Hello! I've been reading posts in your community for about a month now. Have finally gotten around to registering. I'm a friend of Manda's & Orie's. (hugs to you both) Manda guessed by the user name that it was me so I thought I should drop in and introduce myself.

I've been thinking about taking a photography class but am nervous as heck about having to show my work to a class full of people. (Last took a class about 15 years ago~where does the time go?)

I'm also thinking about a new camera but haven't even started looking. I currently have a Minolta x-700 and a Vivitar Series 1 (70-210mm) lense that I recently dropped while on vacation. :cry: Since both have been around for awhile it may just be time for something new.

Anyway, everybody seems really nice. I've enjoyed finding my way around here and hope to post more soon.
Another of my gorgeous girls, im so happy you are here bella bell!
Glad you finally decided to post!

So can I tell them why you're called Not Neve? :greenpbl:

MD will be along with your welcome lapdance soon Nevey :heart:
Hey welcome Not Neve.
Anyway first off don't be scared or nervous about taking a photography class. Just remember everyone will probably be in the same boat you are.
I'm not familiar with your camera, but just because it's old it doesn’t mean you need to buy a new one. A 30 year old camera can still get the job done right. If you feel you still have a lot to learn as far as photography goes then you might want to have fun and learn with the camera you've got. You may gain valuable insight into what you'll need to look for in a new camera when the time comes to drop a few hundred bucks.
i dont even tell them about this place, they just show up! :LOL:

and never fear chaseypants, not neve is not a trouble maker like um..
Thanks for the welcome. Sure, you can tell the story, Manda. But if you don't tell the part about you i'll have to!

Now what is this about a lapdance?
Greetings! Another member from the Pacific Northwet. I used to live in Silverdale and miss that area.

As far as your camera goes, I have an X7A which has less features than yours and still love it. The X700 has DOF preview and TTL flash which is why, when I get a second body, I will choose that body. MD mount lenses are very plentiful. Here are a couple examples of incredibly sharp/fast fixed lenses

50mm Rokkor F1.4 lens for $43

28mm Rokkor f2.8 lens for $49

Other choices would be a 135mm portrait lens. You can get those for $50 too. I don't use zooms but you can find those pretty cheap too.
whats the part about me?? :?

she is not neve because this gorgeous lady looks like neve campbell, and i called her thus for a whole weekend we all hung out together in 2001. she didnt agree with me and thus calls herself not neve.
she really does look like her though!

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