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Aug 23, 2003
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Portland Oregon, USA
O.K. i speak not even a word of spanish, but i came accross this forum a couple days ago (having recently gotten into photography) and have found this site to be extremely helpful.
I wanted to sign up so i could learn from all of you, and ask questions when appropriete. As of right now, i wouldn't know where to begin so i will just say i am very grateful to be here, and i already love the forum.

A little about me, I am 26 from Portland Or. Would love to get into some street photography, but right now i think i am going to focus more on scenic pictures.

P.S. the photo contest idea is absolutely brilliant, i can't wait to start taking pictures.

Steve (Havoc)
damn theres a lot pof portland people here.
are u guys given a camera upon birth or somethin?! :LOL:

welcome to the forum havoc... :goodvibe:
LOL, come to thinkof it there are alot of cameras around here.... There are plenty of phto ops in the Portland/Oregon area.
We have the beach 40 miles away (lots of cliffs, lighthouses, cold beaches ets.), We have the Cascade mountain range (Mt. Hood, Ranier, St Helens), the high desert area a couple hours south of us, and lots of farming communities. After thinking about it, Oregon has tons of photos ready to be capured, Can't wait to start!
You're telling me. I moved away from that area when I was 10 before I was taking photos.

Plus with all those overcast days, you get nice even lighting. I want to take a trip back there with the mrs to show her the glory of Oregon. She has been to grants pass when my grandmother died and Seattle for 4 days last year. But has yet to see the coast.
The coast here is very unique, i have not seen another place in the world with beaches like Oregon.

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