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Feb 9, 2012
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Columbia, SC
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Hi, my name is Scott. I've been attempting to learn photography for a little over a year and I love it. I started learning for the first month on a digital camera that rarely sees use, and now I mainly use film cameras. Before last summer I had never even seen a Polaroid camera in person, but now I have about 15 of them and I try to make good use of all of the cameras I have. Hopefully this site can teach me some of the things I didn't know before and give me some good ideas for future projects. I don't really ever plan on making any money from photography; I figure that having fun with it and creating something worth while is enough.

Here are a couple photos I've taken:

Glow by Todo Del Sur, on Flickr

New before old by Todo Del Sur, on Flickr

And here is a link to the book of Polaroids I'm trying to raise funds to make on Kickstarter: They Eat Film by Scott Southall — Kickstarter
Love the cropping on the first one, beautiful cozy mood in it as well. You definitely have the talent needed for the task, hope TPF will help you improving.

best regards
Thanks Gunso, I'm glad that you like my photography and I hope that this site can help me as well. I only know a little bit about the technical stuff; just enough to get me by. I'm always open to learning more things. So far I've just been learning from the photographers that I love, and trying to find the things that I love about the images that appeal to me and putting that to work in what I shoot.

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