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    I'm Jessica and I would see myself as an aspiring photographer. I've had an EOS camera for a full year and was fortunate enough to have two models in this time frame (Canon XSi and now T1i). I also, unfortunately, lost my 55-250mm telephoto due to the bearings breaking, but now JUST received a
    Tamron AF 75-300MM F/4-5.6 LD Macro in the mail today! (No, I do not understand what all those numbers mean... yet! That is one reason why I am here. :p) I've taken MANY photos, and staged a few... They manage to turn heads every now and then and I aspire to make them cause people to come to a screeching halt, causing them to stop and smell the roses. ;D Why do I love photography? Well... I've always had a fascination with photos and cameras... I wanted (and still do) to be able to capture the world from my eyes and transfer them to photo form so I may share the world from a different perspective... I love surreal art, and I suppose that is what I will try to concentrate in, but I really just enjoy taking photos... It brings me bliss.

    I look forward to learning in your company!

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