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Mar 1, 2009
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Nice community you guys have here...My main intention is to get some thoughts about jumping into the D-Slr world.

Iv been using P&S for a while(S3is/Olympus) and can figure my way around manual shots. Interests are varied but mostly landscape(beach, mountains, sunsets) and the occasional birding trips.

The S3 has spoilt me in some ways, very fast AF and the like.

Besides me my folks and brother would use the camera too and probably shoot in Auto mode at most times. A lot of people are pushing me towards getting another P&S Super zoom (Canon sx1 / sx10). The argument is that an SLR in auto would take crappy pics(example 40d) vs a P&S which will do the necessary Post processing etc etc.

Im not 0 about SLR's. I know its the what you do with the equipment and not the equipment itself that matters. Glass matters. Post processing matters!

I know nothing about post processing, but Im sure I can learn.

My concern here is that the camera would be useless to the others using it as a walkaround camera in Auto mode.

I will either geth the 1000D or the 40D depending on how much $ I want to drop. Remember Im buying in Asia and the prices and deals are very different from The USA.
Also any links / books that you guys recommend to develop a firm grounding of 'techniques' of SLR's would be appreciated greatly :)
hi im glad that you joined in this forum, its nice to have you here enjoy
Welcome aboard.

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