Hello, my name is Scott and I'm a photoholic.


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May 14, 2007
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Denver, Colorado
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You know how I know?

I just spent the last 20 minutes of my life watching a video tutorial on how to photoshop an image.... IN SPANISH....


Any other photoholics out there? I think I need a sponsor... :mrgreen:
I prefer to remain anonymous.
What happens in this thread, stays in this thread...
But I am shy and afraid!

OK, admit I do actually own a camera.
.. well, more than one actually.
But that does not mean I ever use them!!!
Of course not!

No one does... at first...
In the last 15 years I only touched them once or twice maybe. Maybe three times or a bit more often ...

But I am not addicted, you see!
It's ok you can open up here...

I will be the first to admit, that I touch my cameras daily... and on days i don't i feel sad, and depressed... so I carry a small P&S in my pocket for when I get desperate.
hmm, does that 2MP cam on my mobile phone count as well? I touch it hourly.
I can quit anytime I want.
Yes, I'm afraid that you will have to turn that in.
Think I could too, I am sure! If I wanted to ...
I have an unused large format camera on the shelf. I manage to touch it only on rare occasions! This proves I am basicall clean... doesn't it?

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